Definition of Valiente (Val·​i·​en·​te | \ ˌvalēˈentē ) from Spanish to English: Brave


Valiente is a recording American rock-pop alternative band from Michigan.  The band started off as a musical collaboration between Alely Valiente (Vocals) and Joe Guel (Guitar) in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2016. What was supposed to be a fun little project between two aspiring musicians resulted with countless original songs, and it wasn’t until 2020 that Alely and Joe officially became a duo band! 


With a continuous flow of ideas and projects coming their way, the band decided to focus on a few selected songs to lay their final masters in the studio.


After the release of their debut album, “So Far to Fall,” in 2021, the duo realized how intricate their sound was, but wanted a fuller sound to their music, thus welcoming bandmate, Josh Guysky (Drums) who was no stranger to Joe, a former bandmate and friend.


The members of Valiente have set their goals to a high standard, mastering the sounds similar to the legendary band Jefferson Airplane. 


The band is currently looking for additional members!  They are currently taking video auditions for another guitarist and a bass player. For more information on the band and upcoming events, stay tuned to our website and all our social media platforms.